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Copying or templating a Workspace in one Account


If you have a Workspace that you need to reproduce several times under the same Account, you can template one you've already built to save yourself time.


I) Templating a Workspace


a) Go to the Dashboard and go to the left hand navigation panel and select the + button next to 'Workspaces'




b) Select an Account. As you're templating (or copying) an existing Workspace, you'll need to create the new Workspace under the same Account as the one you are copying.

c) Choose the Workspace you want to copy from the first drop-down list.

d) Edit the title of the new Workspace if needed. 

e) Click Next.


f) Check the boxes to choose what you want to copy over. You can choose Tasks, Teams, Folders and Permissions and Files.


Tip: Up to 1000 folders and up to 3000 documents or 3GB of content can be copied to a new Workspace.


g) Click Create Workspace.



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