How to use the Company Manager reports


As a Company Manager, you can access reports about your users and workspaces.  To find out how to access the reports, see User statistic reports on the Company Manager page or to find out more about Company Manager see What is a Company Manager?

This article explains how to use Excel to view Company Manager reports. There are many uses of the reports, this article will explain how you may wish to use them to manage your account. 

From the Company Manager Members tab you can access the members.csv report.  This report details all of your account users and you can use it to view the last login dates of users as well.  This helps you to monitor whether users may no longer need access, for instance.  By opening the file in Excel, you can sort by Last Login Date or create a pivot table to see if users haven't logged in for 12 months which may indicate they no longer require a license.  

From the Company Manager Workspaces tab you can access the workspaces.csv report.  You may find it useful to use the Created Date to sort workspaces by age and confirm if they are still required with the workspace managers.  Excel can be used to sort the report by Created Date.