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Responding to a file request


To respond to a file request, follow the steps below.

A) View file requests that are assigned to you

1) Go straight to the file request by clicking the button in an email notification or by clicking a link on your Dashboard that relates to the request. 

2) If you can't find either of these, go to the Workspace where the request was made, select the File requests tab and filter the list to show only those that have been assigned to you. 


Tip: To make it even easier to find the right File Request you can sort the list by due date or last file uploaded.


B) Uploading files

1) Click the File Request you want to upload a file to. 

2) In the details section you'll see a dedicated space where you can either drag and drop or open files from your PC. 


3) Open your file explorer and drag the requested file(s) onto the screen. 

4) Once your file has uploaded you'll see it on the request. 


c) Marking a request as complete


1) To mark your File Request as complete, check the circle next to Complete in the File Request details section. This will update the status dashboard automatically. 


D) Commenting on a file request 

If you have a question about a request you might want to make use of the commenting feature to communicate with the requester in Huddle. To add a comment to a request, follow the steps below. 

1) Locate the File Request you have a question about. 

2) Click the request to open the details section. 

3) Scroll to the Comments area. 

4) Add your comment. 

5) Click Send