User Experience Improvements - 2017


What’s happening?

Huddle is at the beginning of an exciting journey that will improve the usability and overall experience of using Huddle, making it even easier for you to work with your colleagues, partners and clients.

Why are we doing this?

The feedback and the insight gained from talking to our users is crucial to how our product and design team make  decisions about where, what and how we should improve Huddle. In recent months we’ve been testing our new designs with users and were encouraged by their feedback. We are now in a position to start incorporating these new designs into Huddle itself.

What will change?

Over the coming year, you will notice some changes being applied to the look and feel of the Huddle on the Web. For the most part, the changes will be cosmetic, re-organising how information is presented on the screen and simplifying interactions within the core offering of Huddle.

This document will be updated on an ongoing basis to communicate all important changes to Huddle’s interface. See the release notes below for more information.

Release Notes

July 2017 – Global new look & branding changes

Status: Planned release for 6 July 2017

In this release we've updated the overall look of Huddle. Things will still continue to work the way they did before, but will just look a little different. We’ve also introduced an important change to Company and Workspace branding that will make the experience of working with your files and folders easier.

Global new look

We’ve improved the overall user experience of existing functionality with a cleaner and less cluttered design, making it easier for you to perform actions, read and work on your content.



Change to branding when working within the Files tab

When working with files and folders (in the 'Files' navigation tab) we’ve removed the branded area at the top the page. Your content and actions are easier to access at a glance, allowing you to get to work faster.

Company and Workspaces branding continues to exist in all other areas of Huddle as it does today. Your ability to brand and customise Workspaces is of utmost importance to us and we are exploring different ways of improving the overall branding experience for our customers.




June 2017 - Global navigation & Files UX improvements

Status: Released on 28 June 2017

In this release, we’ve updated the look of the global navigation bar, increased the size of the file preview and made other some tweaks to how we present information when you view files.