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Error extracting files from zip folder



The following only applies to Windows Operating systems.


After using the Huddle advanced download feature, you may have trouble extracting content from the zip folder produced. This may be due to the longer file paths in Huddle, which the native windows extractor tool will struggle with. When using the native Windows extractor tool on a Windows Operating system the maximum number of characters in the file path is 256 characters.

Attempting to extract files that exceed 256 characters using the native Windows extractor tool will cause the below error.  See screenshot below: 






Using file archiver utilities like 7zip or WinRAR will solve the problem as they have the capability to extract the longer file paths that exceed the 256 character limitation by Window's native extractor tool. 7zip or WinRAR are normally installed to your machine. To see if they are installed, right click the zip file and you will see additional extraction options. If you have any trouble, please contact your IT department.