Step 7: Getting further help



If you need further support or have questions about using Huddle you can get in touch with the following teams or check out additional self-service resources. 


I) Technical & "how to" support

II) Professional services, implementation, training & insights

III) Financial & contractual help

IV) Self-service resources for Administrators


I) Technical & "how to" support

Huddle's Support team: Email to ask about any technical queries you may have. Alternatively you can see if an agent can help you via live chat directly from Huddle. 


.II) Professional Services, Implementation, Training & Insights: 

Customer Success Manager: If you have a dedicated Customer Success Manger you can get in touch with them at any time to ask for support with new roll-outs and for best practices for your Huddle usage. 


III) Financial & contractual help

Account Manager: Get in touch with your Account Manager to speak about add-ons, services and licensing costs. 


IV) Self-service resources for Company Managers

If you have new users joining Huddle who would like more information about what it is, let us do the work for you and use some of our online resources to help with training your users.

This is Huddle, a video hosted on YouTube explaining Huddle's value proposition.

User webinar, ask users to sign up for a live webinar to learn more about Huddle.  

New User Guide, a full step by step user guide for people newly invited to the system.

The Knowledgebase, for general help, troubleshooting and FAQs. This is a useful address to ask your team to bookmark so they can always search for answers to their questions.

And don't forget to let them know that they will always have the option to chat with a support agent right from within Huddle by clicking on the help button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.



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