Step 10: Inviting users to a Workspace



Step 10 takes you through the process of inviting users into a Workspace. By the end of this section you will have learned how to add users to Workspaces and teams at the same time. 


1) Once you are in the Workspace that you wish to invite someone into, click the invite users button.




2) Huddle will open a window for invitations. 

3) In the first text box, type the first or second name of the person you would like to add. If this person is already a Huddle user under your company account their name will pop up in boxes below.

If you are inviting a new user to your Company, simply type or copy and paste their email address into the text box. 



4) Select the required names from the drop-down menu and they will be added in the first text box. 



5) Add your selected users to a team before inviting them to the workspace to ensure that any folder access levels you may have set up are respected. Then click on send invitation. 



6) The selected users will be sent email invitations to your workspace. 


TIP: If you try to add someone who is not included on your company's email Allow list you will be notified that you cannot add the person to the workspace. You will need to ask your Company Manager to add them to the company Allow list. To read more about email Allow list, click here.




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