How to Use Tagging in Huddle



If you want to categorise or tag content in your Workspaces, you can do so with the steps below. 
This will ensure that your categorisations always appear first in your searches. 
1) Find the document you want to add a tag to and click edit title /description in the blue panel on the right of your Huddle screen.
2) Click the the second text box to enter a tag. When adding meta-tags to a document, it is advised to use hash tags for search purposes. Here we will use: #phase one.
3) Once you have entered your tag, click Okay. Click Done to finish. 
4) Once you have done this to all the documents you want to tag, you can use search to look for these pieces of content. 
To search for your documents with the meta-tag #phase one, ensure that you search for the tag inside quotation marks so an exact search for "#phase one" will be carried out. 
5) This will return the documents with this meta-tag at the top of the list of search results.
TIP: It is important to note that this search will also return results that have not been tagged but that may have the word from your tag in their body. However, your tagged documents will always feature at the top of the list. 
For information about using search more generally, please see this article. 

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