How do I create folders and sub-folders?


Within the Files tab of your workspace it is often necessary to create folders so that Huddle users are not just looking through a long list of files.

It is easy to create folders in Huddle, simply go to the Files tab of the workspace that you need to create folders in and click 'Folder', under the 'Create' section


You will be able add the name of the folder and an optional description. The description will appear when you click in to the folder, above where any files are listed.



You can create folders at the top level of the Files tab or create sub-folders by clicking into the relevant folder and creating another within. You are free to create your structure how you like but consider the number of folders you need and how many clicks users will have to go through to find the files that they need. Taking a look at our document management advice may help!

You can also fix the order of folders by numbering them, as the folders will appear alphabetical.

Who can create folders?

Workspace Managers will always be able to create folders in the workspaces that they manage. Workspace Managers can also change a setting (within the Settings tab) to stop general users of the workspace from being able to create folders. If not changed, any user of the workspace will be able to create folders.

Workspace Managers may choose to lock down this privilege if they want to maintain a strict structure and do not want anyone altering it.