Advance Notification - Change in Infrastructure


As part of Huddle’s ongoing process to expand our service infrastructure, we intend to extend the list of IP addresses that Huddle is accessed from. For most Huddle customers, this will have no impact and no action will be required. However, some customers may have chosen to lock down the services their employees can access via their corporate network by explicitly whitelisting specific IP addresses that correspond to specific services such as Huddle. If your IT team has done this, then that list of IP addresses will need to be updated.
What is actually happening?
We are deploying an Application Delivery Network (ADN), which is a technology that serves content from a server at a location closest to where you are in the world. This makes use of servers around the world that are essentially linked by a toll road through the internet to make the traffic travel faster. We are therefore reducing the impact of latency based on you being geographically far away from the Huddle datacentre.
How does this affect the security of my content that I trust you with if it is passing through a server owned by someone else?
In short, there is no impact on the security of your content at all. This is because the traffic is sent as encrypted SSL traffic and passes through servers that are simply acting as proxies.
How else will this impact me?
If your access to Huddle uses specific IP address whitelisting (specific strings of numbers in your firewall / proxy like rather than *, you’ll need to add a list of specific IPs into your infrastructure. If that is the case, please do get in touch with or your Customer Success Manager and we can assist your IT teams with this process.
Will there be downtime?
Only if you are using the specific IP whitelisting and haven’t updated your firewalls / proxy servers in time. If, however, you’re using the usual DNS whitelisting or don’t have any whitelisting in place, the transition should be seamless and you should experience no downtime at all.
When are you looking to do this?
We are commencing deployment from the end of March. Therefore, if you’re unsure if you will be affected by the whitelisting or require additional information you should get in touch with us ASAP.
If you have any further, general questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with your Customer Success Manager or We have also published a datasheet which contains all the relevant IP addresses that need passed to your IT if you are performing this specific IP whitelisting.