Can I set up a Huddle login box on my website?


Yes you can! - if you have control of your website code, you can use the following to allow your clients or staff to login to huddle directly from your existing website.

This is intentionally vanilla so you can customise the layout of the html and styling to suit, the only pre-requisites being:

The tag's method and action must remain unchanged
The form element IDs must remain unchanged

<!-- these styles can be removed and replaced with styles that suit your own website --> 
<style type="text/css">
form#HuddleLogin {
     margin: 0;
     padding: 10px;
.LoginBox {
     border: 3px solid #666666;
     width: 310px;
.LoginQuestion, .RememberMe {
     font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
.formLabel {
<!-- end of huddle styles -->
<!-- huddle login form starts -->
<div class="LoginBox"><form id="HuddleLogin" action="" method="post">
<label for="UserName">Huddle Username:</label><br /> <div class="LoginQuestion"><span class="formLabel"> </span><input id="UserName" name="UserName" type="text" /></div> <br /> <div class="LoginQuestion"><span class="formLabel"> <label for="Password">Huddle Password:</label><br /> </span>
<input id="Password" name="Password" type="password" /></div> <input id="LongSession" name="LongSession" type="checkbox" checked="checked" /><br /> <div class="RememberMe"><label for="LongSession">Keep me logged in for 24 hours</label></div> <br /> <div class="LoginButton"><input name="Send" type="submit" /></div> </form></div> <!-- end of huddle login form -->