How do I allow a Huddle Customer Service Agent to help me resolve a problem in my workspace?


If you are having issues in Huddle and log a ticket with the Huddle support team, they may ask you to allow them access to your workspaces in order to diagnose the issue you are experiencing.

Customers can choose to give the Huddle support agents the ability to administer support, or diagnose a problem inside their Huddle account directly.

By default, the feature is turned off, but each user can enable it briefly as required through their profile settings. To enable it on your account so that we can help you with a support request, just follow the steps below:

  • Click on your picture / avatar at the top right of the screen, then My Profile
  • Click Edit my profile
  • Click My Settings
  • In the Settings section check the box labelled "Allow a customer service agent to access my workspaces" shown in the image below, then update



Actions performed by support agents in your account are audited differently to normal. Of course, once you've turned the feature on, you can also disable it again at any time.

We hope this will help us provide more effective support to our customers in future.