How do I remove a user?


This article will first explain how to remove a user from a workspace before moving on to explain how to remove them from an account. In order for a user to not consume a license, they must be removed from all workspaces associated with that account.

Remove a user from a workspace

In order to delete users from a workspace, you must be a Workspace Manager. If you are not a Workspace Manager then you will need to get in contact with them or the Administrator of the account.

To delete users from a workspace, navigate to that workspace using the menu in the panel to the left of your dashboard.

Once you have clicked through into that workspace, you will see the settings tab in the same panel on the left:


 If you are not a Workspace Manager, the Settings tab will not be visible.

Click on the Users tab:



This will bring up a list of all the users within a workspace. Next to the each user, a bin icon appears:


Clicking this button will remove the user from the workspace but this will not delete the user's login. So, for example, if a user was part of 'Workspace A' and 'Workspace B' and they were then removed from 'Workspace A', they would not be able to access 'Workspace A' but they would still be able to access 'Workspace B'.

Remove a user from an account

In order to remove a user from an account, you must be the Administrator of that account. Next to the 'Remove from Workspace' button (in the 'Users' tab of the workspace settings), there is the option to remove someone from an account:


This will remove the user from every workspace associated with that account. It will not affect their access to workspaces that sit in other accounts.

You are also able to remove people using the Company Manager functionality. More information about Company Manager can be found here.