What is the iCal feed?


iCal is a way of subscribing to all your tasks in huddle in your favourite calendar application such as Microsoft Outlook 2007 - so you can view everything you're working on in one place.
You will see iCal buttons on your dashboard (if you have upcoming or late tasks) as well as in the Calendar area itself:

To subscribe to a specific workspace calendar, viewing tasks for everyone in that huddle click on the iCal button in the relevant huddle calendar area itself.
Follow the on screen instructions, changing advanced settings if necessary. If you're using Outlook 2007 then the calendar will automatically open in this program when you click Yes. If you use an internet calendar such as Google calendar then you can copy the URL and subscribe once you've opened the calendar browser.

(N.B. iCal feeds are not supported by older Microsoft systems such as Outlook 2003 or Internet Explorer 6 - we suggest upgrading to Outlook 2007 and using either Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox as your browser.)