Is it possible to use an exisiting workspace as a template when creating a new workspace?


The ability to use workspace templates is available for our Professional and Enterprise customers. When you create a new workspace you will see a template option which has a drop down menu displaying your existing workspaces. Simply select the one that you would like to copy. You can then choose to copy the folder structure (and existing permissions), teams, and tasks (since a certain due date) from any workspace into a new one. Copying the folder structure does not copy files as part of the template but these can be copied from the files area after. Copying teams means that the names of the teams are set up for you but users will still have to be invited to the new workspace. When you copy Tasks, you can choose a date to start the new task list from. This takes all existing tasks from the old workspace and assigns a new start date, off-setting all subsequent tasks by the same intervals as in the old workspace. So effectively the project is the same length, just with a different start date.